Easy Maintenance


T-Clip place between two WPC decking and leaving 7mm gap.

Start Clip

Start Clips are used for fixing the first and last deck boards.

Alu Rails

Alu Rails are available for UltraProdeck WPC deck

PVC Pedestal

WPC floor adjustable pedestal deck accessories paver screwjack outdoor adjustable plastic pedestal

The first step is to install the WPC joists. Generally, when composite decking is installed, the joists should have a distance of less than 40cm. In addition, the joists should be installed flat!
When installing plastic expansion screw, it is necessary to drill the hole beforehand. The spacing of the pre-drill hole is about 50cm!
Fix the plastic T- Clip to the joist.

Insert the WPC decking into the plastic T-Clip. Place the plastic clamps between two WPC decking. The gap between the two Wpc decking is generally 7mm. If a narrower gap is needed, special stainless steel frames shall be purchased. The air temperature when decking joint is installed is different, with different board lengths you need to adjust the gap size.